Full Guide of Spotify Bitrate: How to Get High Quality from Spotify? (2023)

What bitrate does Spotify stream at? This is might be the first questionthat you may take a deep consideration before choosing Spotify music as yourmusic streaming service. Generally speaking, you may have known that 320kbpsis the highest streaming quality that you can get from Spotify, but I guess,you may be unclear on how can you get it. Don't worry, here is the fullintroduction of the Spotify bitrate comes for you.

In this post, we will share you with the details of the bitrate of Spotifyfree and Premium and the full tutorial to adjust Spotify bitrate forenjoying the lossless audio streaming service. Apart from this, you will getextra tips on how to get Spotify music downloaded with high quality.Curious, right? Let's get started with the first part: What bitrate isSpotify use?

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  • Part 1. What Bitrate Does Spotify Stream At?
  • Part 2. How to Get High Quality Streaming on Spotify?
  • Extra Tips:How to Download Spotify Music for Free with Spotify High-QualityBitrate?

Part 1. What Bitrate Does Spotify Stream At?

Spotify offers automatic, low, normal, high, and very high quality withdifferent bitrates for different users by formatting the music as OGG Vorbisformat. Following is the full table about all the bitrates that Spotifystreaming at.


Streaming Quality

Free or Premium


24 kbps



Desktop, mobile and tablet

96 kbps



Desktop, mobile and tablet

128 kbps



Web Player (AAC)

160 kbps



Desktop, mobile and tablet

256 kbps



Web Player (AAC)

320 kbps

Very High


Desktop, mobile and tablet

Pay Attention: Low Streaming Quality isn't available on the Windows desktopapp.

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According to the table above, the highest bitrate for Spotify Free users is160kbps while the highest for premium users is 320 kbps. After learningabout the Spotify bitrate, you can set about setting the Spotify bitrates toenjoy the high quality of Spotify. Keep reading.

Part 2. How to Get High Quality Streaming on Spotify?

There are two ways for you to enjoy high quality on Spotify. The firstmethod is to set the high quality, and the second is to use Spotifyequalizer. Take these 2 methods together will be better for you to getlossless audio.

Method 1. How to Set High Music Quality on Spotify

Following we will take the Windows as an example. If you want to enjoy highmusic quality on your Mobile devices or MacBook, you can also follow thesame operation to make it. Downloading the Spotify app first to prepare thefollowing operation.

One Step to Set Your Music Quality on Spotify

- Run the Spotify app on your computer or mobile devices, and the whole maininterface of Spotify will appear. Now click to"Down-arrow" button to enter the Settings page.

- On the Settings page, scroll down to"Music Quality". Under the Music Quality, there is "Streaming quality". Hit to the "Down-arrow" button to choose the highquality. Spotify Free users can choose 160 kbps high quality while Premiumusers 320 kbps.

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If the high quality doesn't suit your needs on enjoying Spotify, then youcan set the Spotify Equalizer to enhance the sound quality.

Method 2. How to Set Music Equalizer for Enjoying Spotify Music

Spotify equalizer is only available on mobile devices. In this post, we willtake the iPhone 7 as an example. Operations are the same on Android andother mobile devices.

Two-Step to Use Music Equalizer for Enjoying Spotify Music

Step 1. Open Settings page of Spotify Music

- Run the Spotify app on your Mobile. On the main interface of Spotify, hitthe "Gear" button to enter the Settings page, where you cansee various settings for Spotify.

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Step 2. Choose Your Favorite Music Equalizers of Spotify

- On the Spotify Settings page, click to"Playback" for the following operation. Scroll down to"Equalizer" then press the "Button" toopen the Spotify equalizer. As a Hip-hop fan, I will choose Hip-hop as mymusic equalizer of Spotify.

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After learning how to enjoy lossless audio from Spotify, we would like toshare you with an extra tips to fulfill your needs on the lossless audiostreaming of Spotify. Keep reading to get the ultimate lossless audiostreaming service from Spotify.

Extra Tips: How to Get Spotify Music Downloaded with High-Quality Bitrate?

As a premium user, you just need to press the button to get your music fullydownloaded with the same bitrate. However, even though you have fullydownloaded it, the music is kept in cached files. Even harder if you areSpotify Free member. Here we would like to give you extra tips on gettingSpotify music downloaded with high and lossless audio parameters. So thatPremium subscribers can enjoy 320Kbps sound quality while Free 160kbps.

To download Spotify Music for free, abest Spotify Music converteror downloader is required. AndTuneFab Spotify Music Converteris such a handy music converter as well as high-quality music downloader forboth Spotify Free and Premium to download Spotify Music, playlists, albumsand more with high quality (For Spotify Premium, reach up to 320 kbps, forFree users, reach up to 160 kbps) to various and common music file formatslike MP3, M4A, WAV(Windows only), FLAC and more. Learn more from thefollowing features of the TuneFab Spotify Music Converter.

Features of TuneFab Spotify Music Converter:

- Cover all kinds of Spotify music: tracks, songs, playlists, albums,audiobooks.

- Download Spotify music and store as common audio formats: MP3, M4A,WAV(Windows Only), FLAC.

- Default and Superfast conversion speed to speed up the whole conversion:5X conversion speed. (Windows Only)

- Spotify Bitrate and sample rate can be adjusted as per your need. Forexample, the maximum reaches up to 320 kbps, satisfy Spotify Free andPremium needs.

- Keep original audio quality with metadata and ID3 tags preserved.

- Fully compatible with Windows 10/8/7 and macOS 10.11 to 10.15.

- Dig out more.

Try It FreeTry It Free

We will take Windows as an example. If you are running the macOS system,please keep reading since the whole operation is the same.

Step 1. Run TuneFab Spotify Music Converter

- Choose the right version from the button above to download and installTuneFab Spotify Music Converter on your computer. After the installation isover, hit the "iCon" to run it on your computer. Then youwill see the main interface of Spotify and Spotify Music Converter asfollow. After entering the built-in Spotify web player, also login yourSpotify account.

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Step 2. Analyze Spotify Playlist in Spotify Music Converter

TuneFab Spotify Music Converter brings the most convenient service toanalyze Spotify playlist. Simply open the one you need to convert, and theprogram will automatically analyze the whole playlist for you to select theSpotify songs to convert.

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Step 3. Set Output Folder & Output Format

- Now, click on the"Three-line" button, and choosethe "Preference" to set your output folder.

- On the "General" tag, you can choose the output folderand customize the output files. Hit the "Browse" button,you can choose the output folder according to your need. If you don't makeany changes, then all the Spotify music will be stored in the default outputfolder.

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- Now, move to the "Advanced" tag, next to the "General".On the Advanced page, you can choose audio formats from the drop-down list.MP3, M4A, WAV(Windows only), FLAC are available for selection.

Tips: We highly recommend choosingMP3 or M4A with 320Kbps bitrates and44100 Hz for output the high audio quality.

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Step 4. Download Spotify Music with High-Quality Preserved

You are one step closer to fully download Spotify Music now. Just click to"Convert All"or"Convert X iTems" and then to download Spotify Music withHigh Quality. Just waiting for several minutes, then you can enjoy SpotifyMusic with high quality fully downloaded.

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That's all for today. It is time for you to make up your mind on choosingyour favorite music bitrate that you want to enjoy on your Spotify Music,one of the best streaming services. However, no matter what bitrate you maybe going to choose, I am sure that you can free from the problem withdownloading Spotify Music with the High quality now. Thanks for reading,hope you will enjoy Spotify freely right here. See you!

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